Thursday, January 31, 2008

I have to admit, I am a sucker for a good advertisement, or a pretty or well-crafted box. I think I can blame some of this on my genes, being as how Dad is a package designer for Mattel, (yay Barbie!)

I can never really understand why people want to hate Barbie, but that is a different rant for a different day.

The rant for this day is advertisements. I don’t feel bad for my infatuation. Good advertisements are just the products of creative people, and I like those guys. I also have to respect them for casting off the cumbersome fetters of words; and using their freedom to knock people over with the sheer force of imagery.

Watch out this is where things are going to get linguistastic:

There are debates among linguistic philosophers about how much language impacts the mind and vice versa. Sir Dummett, Sapir and Whorf suggest that language dictates the extent to which your mind can comprehend an idea. (Sort of a “If I don’t have a word for it, it cannot make sense to me” idea.) There is Jerry Fodor and “knowledge-first” and his camp, who say first comes the idea which makes us invent a word to describe it. While they bicker about the chicken and the egg I am tempted to a different philosophy. I am more of a fan of Gorgias and the idea of that words are but shabby symbols forever failing to fully represent the incommunicable ideas that live in our minds. (Oh there is also a group in between who want brains and words to get along, but they are pansies.)

With this all in mind I admire the advertisements that utilize few words to season a monumental image. It is not a smart consumer standpoint, I know. It would be smarter to get a play-list from the jazz radio people to find out if they have what I like, and they could have plainly told me that their music is not something everyone will appreciate. Honestly a lady puking out music notes doesn’t tell me one thing about what kind of music I am being sold; but I want to look at it a little longer and somehow I feel like a am being dared to try it. It communicates a feeling where words fall short.

*I stole that ad off of this person’s blog, I don’t know where it was taken from first, but they have lots of other cool ads :)

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