Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Rachel 1 the Man 0

Two months ago Bryce finally got a cell phone! My contract was up, so it was time for me to upgrade too. This is the phone I got:

It is cute, N’est pas? It is small and shiny and white and fancier than my old phone. We were getting along smashingly, until tragedy struck.

One day I took the phone out of my purse and the joystick was cracked!!! I hadn't even beat any muggers over the head with that purse either!

As the day went on, piece by tiny piece, the joystick plastic

flaked away until all I had left was a stick, and no joy. The components still worked, it was just hard to move because the stick was short.

So I called AT&T and told them my sad story (3 times before

they sent me to the warranty people) and the warranty guy, not paying particular attention to what I said, told me to take the back of my phone off. I thought this was weird because obviously the problem is on the front of the phone. He asked me what color a little circle on it was. I told him the circle was red, and he said "Oh, then we can't do anything for you because that means there is water damage on your phone." water damage?! "Is your battery all corroded?" “No! It is brand new!” I cried, "Well you must have left it in the rain or something." He said, as if the little litmus paper had whispered all of this to him. I tried to defend myself, but I know he thought I was lying. There are two other indicator stickers, and they are both still white, and this is all beside the point, water did not break my joystick! But the warranty guy was adamant that my warranty was void, he pawned me off to customer service, where they offered to replace the phone for $200. I explained that the phone worked perfectly, and can’t I please please just get the joystick fixed? ( I know if I pay the $200 they will put another 25 cent joystick on my phone and sell it to someone else for $200.) But she told me that they must replace all of it. In despair I moaned “but it is just the little joystick!” to which she replied “Well that is part of the phone.” I know that! My gas cap is part of my car but if it breaks I am not about to buy a whole new car!

In my fury I decided I must stick it to The Man. Behold my new and arguably improved phone!

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Steffy said...

Your phone is much prettier now anyway!