Friday, February 22, 2008

For the past week Bryce and I have been knocked flat on our backs because our systems had been infiltrated by Koosh Balls.

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Also known as, the Influenza Virus. I cannot remember being this sick ever before in my life. I’ve had the stomach flu dozens of times, had plenty of colds, but the real true flu was something I was unprepared for. I have to give many extra credit points to Bryce and Steffie for not killing me to stop my whining. Steff even made me dinner, thus prolonging my life and exposing herself to more whining; but I guess some people are just selfless like that. Bryce has also been wonderful and has taken care of me, even though he also has the plague. He has been having very unrestful sleep too. Last night he half woke up and asked:

“Did you set the alarm?”


“Did you set the alarm?”


“But is it in space?”


“Is it in space?”

“No, I don’t know what that means.”

“ ‘K”

I am not sure what our conversation meant, but he seemed satisfied with my answer so I’m glad we cleared up whatever it was that we cleared up. Also in the unrestful sleep category, Bryce and I had the same dream this week. It was a nasty sick dream where we had to keep folding/arranging a piece of fabric in different ways over and over. You too can be like us and have this dream, but I don’t recommend it.

Today I am planning on getting things back to normal, (that was my plan for yesterday but it failed a smoking firey failure.) Today will be different though because I don’t feel like I am 80 years old today; more like a spry 67.

p.s. Koosh balls of the non-viral type are available at for $45 apiece! I might be mistaken but I thought that was basically a toy made of shredded rubber, no part of it being worth even $20! Maybe it is a novelty item now, or they found out that Kooshies promote weight-loss or something no one told me about.

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Ambiguous said...

Ridiculous! Like they are mystical kooshes with a golden nougat core.