Friday, February 15, 2008

Hello Internet! And happy Valentines day! Valentines is one of my most favorite holidays because it is a good opportunity to do something a little extra special to show the people in your life how much they mean to you. I am feeling terrible proud because this Valentines day I made cookies for Bryce’s German class, (he is teaching 101 at BYU,) and I think they are adorable!!!

was afraid they would not have enough flavor so I dipped the backs of them in white chocolate and gave them a drizzle for style.

I have another reason to be happy this Valentines day because my little sister Sara and her boyfriend, Bryan Gividen, got engaged last night! This is extra exciting for Bryce and me because we are the ones who set them up on their first date! As newly engaged people I think they will soon find that they are being lovingly bombarded with advice and warnings. In honor of this I have written up my own little article of somewhat unique marriage advice. You can read it here:

The biggest reason I have to be happy this Valentines day is because of the wonderful husband that I have. Bryce is more excellent than I ever imagined a husband could be; but such sap is better kept in privacy so never fear, Internet, I will spare you the sugar coma.

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Steffy said...

Those are awesome! And YEAH Sara and Bryan!