Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I babysat my niece and nephews yesterday. It was lots of fun with only one minor fiasco, (all the bathrooms at the park were locked and there were many tiny bladders running around!!!!) but it was eventually overcome. Luke, the baby, was sooo sweet and happy! He didn't even cry once! Cardon and Maddy were good too, but, since they have the ability to walk, I had to keep a closer eye one things.

I would just tell you about it, but since everyone is more excited about pictures/comics I decided to draw it for you. Another true story:
Man, and all this time I thought I was the babysitter!


Tara said...

Okay - so I was sitting at the computer laughing and giggling to myself. Maddy came over to see what it was all about and was very pleased to see a story about her. :)
Seriously Rachel - I can draw stick figures (well sort of) but somehow your's are just BETTER!
p.s. loved the April Fools jokes.

McEwens said...

Hee hee thanks!