Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Pi Pie Day Friday

This past Friday was Pi day, 3-14. I have never particularly like Pi, who does he think he is anyway? Going on and on forever and ever? I have always been sort of partial to Lambda, (not the things you do with Lambda, multivariate statistics, physics and such) but the actual aesthetics of the symbol. However I have always been a very dedicated fan of pie, so in celebration, I give you Pi Day!This, above, is the cherry-berry pie.
This is the 'specially for Sara Chocolate Satin.This is a buttermilk base with a blackberry top, very easy and very tasty.
Lastly is the yummiest I think, the Rhubarb pie.

So that is the summation of the pie day festivities. If you ask me I will give you the recipes, but I am too lazy to post them otherwise. (I have to go to the dentist and it is making me surly.)

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