Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Hooray For Anniversaries! Bryce and I are coming up on our one year anniversary and I am so excited! We decided to go on a mini trip to St. George. Bryce and I are usually pretty indecisive so the deciding went like this:
Where should we go?

St. George? Salt Lake? Moab?

Yeah! All of those sound good!
Which one sounds best?
I don't know what sounds best to you?
All of them sound good what sounds best to you?
I'm happy with any of them.
Me too.
Cool, where should we go?

We finally decided to just go to the place with the best deal and the best weather. St. George won on both accounts. (If anyone is going on a trip before September I found a coupon for a free night stay at the Coronada Inn and Suites!)
Now time for the real decisions to begin:


Tara said...

Atleast your decision is between "which suit is the cutest?" My decision is "which suit hides the most cellulite?" :(
Have fun in St. George! I hear they are getting an In-n-Out!! (Will you bring back a burger for me??) haha

Sonya said...

I think you should go the NORTH CAROLINA.
It would be fun! You could see paul and hippies and mountiany areas and Daniel Boone stuff.