Friday, April 04, 2008

A Potato GUN?
As promised, here are the pictures of our potato cannon, Darth Steve. (We named him Steve, after the Lowe’s worker-man who had apparently never heard of this concept and was reluctant to help us, but he had to because that’s his job wah-ha!)

Here are all the parts that Steve didn’t want to help us find. Bryce figured out the correct proportions with an Excel spreadsheet, smart eh?
Here is my handsome Honeybub figuring out our trigger.

This is me gluing up the pieces, (the glue has a cute puff-ball applicator!)

And this is the glued together body.

A potato gun has three main components, a barrel, an explosion chamber and a trigger that makes a spark in the explosion chamber. Bryce wanted to take it a step further by adding a pressure gauge. We also added a ball-valve so we could keep the explosion away from our propane tank, thus preventing it from being a combination potato-gun/pipe-bomb.

Finally I painted some flames on Steve’s barrel to make him more Darth.

And here we are. We probably didn’t need safety glasses, but look how cool they are! Plus you only get one set of eyes. (Click on the picture to get a close-up look my safety-bling.)

Steve was satisfactory in every way. He launched potatoes great distances, didn't blow up anyone's appendages, and he looked stylish while doing it. This weekend we are going to try measuring how far the potatoes go. I’ll post movies of the launches as soon as I convert them to something this blog can handle.

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