Friday, June 13, 2008

As some of you know, for Bryce's Birthday I went on a crazy quest to locate a German Stuttgart edition of Monopoly. I searched everywhere, called numerous companies, emailled companies in English and German and finally resorted to, the German ebay. I found one game and bought it and felt incredibly victorious. I emailled the seller a lot of times to make sure it was ok to ship to America and to get updates.

In most areas, of life, my problem is overconfidence, but I am very very self-conscious about speaking German. I don't like feeling that what I am saying is inferior to what I am meaning. I don't like thinking I might be saying something confusing or wrong and I don't like that I am probably pronouncing things like a hick. My linguistics professor would say I am giving myself an affective filter and crippling my own learning abilities, and he would be exactly right. He probably would have advice like "Just forget about how you look and try!" This is also good advice, but knowing that and doing it are quite different accomplishments.

Even with all my language-fear baggage I loved getting this game for Bryce. I felt sneaky and smart for being able to communicate with a real German lady-ebay-seller and have her really understand me. I even asked her to be my pen-pal! (I know that is dorky but I love it so much that I don't even care about the dorkdom.) We have been writing for a few months and it could be possible that my filter is getting some bigger holes in it, and I might be getting a little less afraid. So, dear Dr. Eggington, you were right. I always knew you were, but now I am trying to do what you said, and it is great!

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