Thursday, July 17, 2008

I love Google
My friend Camie recently said she would like to get certified as a "spinning instructor."
Probably most of you know what that is, so this will hardly be educational, but my brain instantly thought up several theories for what a "spinning instructor" does. Naturally, the first thought I had was break dancing:
They must need an instructor to teach them to do that head spinning thing!

Then I decided maybe it was something more tame, like spinning basketballs; but if that was the case why wouldn't they specifically call it "basketball spinning"? And is there really a demand for basketball spinning instructors?

Then I remembered about juggling and how they spin plates on sticks and decided maybe it was something like that. Maybe they spin exciting things like expensive vases and cats. (By the way, Camie is a dancer so she could totally pull off the move shown above if she were a "spinning Instructor.") I thought of a lot of other things but I finally broke down and searched Google. As it turns out spinning is riding a stationary bike. I could have kept thinking for 300 years and never ever figured that out, without Google.


Camie and JD said...

I LOVE me as a cartoon, and you made my butt look awesome in the black pants!! I am glad that you now know what spinning is, I should make you come with me sometime. Thanks for the funny cartoon!

Steffy said...

Yeah google! I like your ideas better anyway!