Monday, September 15, 2008

BYU Football Season has begun!
I am so happy about the BYU football team this year! I am feeling extra happy because of the way they punished UCLA this past Saturday. It was an exciting game. I am happy because our tickets this year (they they are in the nosebleeds) are next to Sara and Bryan, Camie and JD, and Bryce's dad and brother. Bryce's dad helped me to learn that knowing the names and talents of the individual players brings your game enjoyment to a whole new level. I like to sit by him because he knows almost all the players and good facts about them. He told Bryce and I that when Dennis Pitta came to BYU he was 5'7' and 180 lb!!! (For anyone who doesn't know, Dennis Pitta is now a massive man-eating giant, ok maybe not quite, but he grew almost a foot!) Pitta is one of my favorites. People try to tackle him, but many of those people go to the hospital. I am also a fan of Reed, Uncle J tells me Reed is cocky, but goodness, if I could do what Reed does I would be cocky too. My very favorite is Fui Vakapuna though. (His name is pronounced like "phooey" isn't that great?) He had a couple of rough seasons but I think this year is going to be big for him. He's great because he will carry three defenders, on his back, into the endzone without seeming to notice that they are there; or he might decide to just leap over the defenders, or better yet, leap ontop of them to add a little insult to injury. What can I say? He's diverse.


Steffy said...

I like your cartoon! I think that I would love football more if I knew about the players.. and probably the rules as well.. so yeah! P.S. You look fabulous in that picture, oh and Bryce looks good too!

Elisabeth said...

I second Steff about your picture. I was thinking to myself "wow- Rachel looks GREAT! But that really doesn't have anything to do with what you wrote." but Steff said it too! :)