Friday, September 12, 2008

There are so many different kinds of food in the world that I have a difficult time making the same thing twice. There are a few things I like to repeat, but I can't do it very often or I will get bored. In my quest to eat as many kinds of food as possible I have started looking up recipes fom other countries. Hence Cornish Finnish Michigan Pasties:
(Michigan is basically another country, right?) These are pastry shells filled with roast beef and vegetables. While I was making them I thought, "Hey these pastries look just like Stegosauruses!" So I decided to try adding a head and feet to one of them. You have to poke little holes in the pastry so it won't explode. This proved to be unfortuitous for little Stego-man. :( 
Originally he was smiley, but 15 minutes in the oven turned his smile into more of an anguished rictus. To make matters worse, one of the little holes I poked turned into a gory wound. So, in short, I reccomend this recipe as a tasty way to get rid of leftover beef, but not as a way to make PETA happy with you.

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Steffy said...

Hehehehe! I love how funny you are. Cute food. :)