Monday, October 20, 2008

Halloween is Coming
As is my tradition, I made pink cookies for Halloween. I actually dislike Halloween very much. This stems from the fact that I am a namby pamby pansie. I don't know what it is, but scary movies, uglyy decorations, yucky body-part food and that plastic-mask nasty Halloween smell, all bring out the wimpy baby in me. Now you know my shame. :(

I slept in my sister's room (my little sister's room) after I saw "The Ring". I couldn't go to the bathroom at night after I saw "What Lies Beneath". I still have bad dreams about the made for TV, live action "Snow White". The sad thing is I didn't really watch any of these movies, I just heard them with my eyes clenched tightly closed. I admit it: I am a baby. Halloween constantly reminds me of this baby-hood. Everyone is always wanting to watch scary movies around Halloween and somehow I always end up agreeing to it. And I always regret it when I can't sleep at night.*

So I make pink cookies because they are everything Halloween is not, pretty, aromatic, friendly and not rotting.
Speaking of rotting, this is my coat. Two years ago I ripped it whilst jumping over a fence. The rip is bigger than my hand, and most of you know that makes it a sizeable tear. For a year I looked at it sadly, because I really like this coat. One year ago Tara said, "Hey I bet you could put a cute patch on that and it would be great!" For a year I looked at it guiltily and thought Tara was right, I should really get around to fixing it, because I really like this coat. This winter will be different though! I have finally got around to patching the tear and now I am kicking myself for not getting around to it sooner! Behold:
I am pretty proud of this patch, I can't stop looking at it! (Which is embarassing considering it is on my hindquarters :$ )

I saw "IT" and I was actually not scared. I did, however, regret watching it because it was an abysmal waste of time. Anyone who has seen "IT" knows what I mean.


Elisabeth said...

1) That patch idea is awesome. Your jacket looks so cute and original! I need to remember that for any future tears. :)

2) I don't really like Halloween either... particularly scary movies. IT was a waste of time, but I still sometimes am afraid something might pop out of my shower drain, which probably makes me more babyish than you!

Steffy said...

I like how cute your patch is! I showed it to Lauri Anne and we were jealous of your artsyness!

Alyss said...

I also totally dislike scary movies. I have, however, over the years learned to just say no :) I like pink cookies too :)

Melanie said...

awww just like a care bear.