Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Prop 8

Proposition 8 will be up for the vote on November 4th in California. I am registered in California and will be voting yes on the proposition. I have found that many people do not know very much about the issue. Many people feel that voting yes will discriminate against homosexuals. Prop 8 will not diminish the marriage-related benefits for civil unions which are already protected by law. Voting yes will allow parents to teach their children about marriage in the way they see fit, without state interference. It is a highly personal issue for many people and that should be respected on both sides.

Many people feel like the definition of marriage does not matter. Bryce’s mom made a good point about this: In tennis two men cannot play together in mixed doubles. This does not prevent two men from playing together, it is simply not called mixed doubles when they play because it is a different combination than occurs in mixed doubles. 

By calling their union something different than marriage the rights of both sides are retained. Gay people can still be together and have tax, visitation and inheritance rights. Homosexuality will not be taught in school and parents can explain it to their children in a time and manner that fits with their religious beliefs. Whether you plan to vote yes or no, please be informed. You can read more here and here. If you disagree with my vote I hope we can still be friends. 


Sonya said...

personally I wish they would just change marriage licenses to civil unions or whatever they want to call it, and let the churches decide who they will "marry". It would be simpler but it would never happen. People never simplify, they just add yet another layer to bureaucracy. Stupid gov't.

Alyss said...

Amen Sonya! I've never head another person say that but I feel strongly that the government shouldn't be involved in marriage at all! If you want marriage to be between one man, one woman and one god go for it.. but government shouldn't have anything to do with it.
I would have voted no on Prop 8, and will support the fight to overturn it, but not because I believe government should be involved in marriage.

McRachie said...

I think the reason this issue is important to people is because by calling a gay union a marriage it is essentially saying it is the same thing as a heterosexual marriage. The same thing would apply if they completely removed marriage and call everything a civil union. Like I said with the tennis analogy, the point is that they are different.