Friday, October 24, 2008

I decided to make my own arifresheners based on this post. They are easy to make and don't require any electricity, I think they are pretty too. (You know, as pretty as sticks in a jar can be.) Essentially, they are just jars of smelly oil, with sticks that work as a time release mechanism. They suck the oil up and block the opening of the jar, that way the only smell comes from the perfume evaporating from the sticks. (Otherwise your house would be opressively smelly.) I ran into a few problems though. I tried using bamboo skewers, which are cheaper, but they did not draw the oil up very well.

Another problem was that I could not find lemon essential oil anywhere! I wanted three air fresheners, Lemon, Lavender and Cotton scents. (I wanted those scents because they blend together so nicely.) I finally found some at this site. I recommend them, good service, fast shipping and the cheapest prices possible. :) I bought Pure Lemon oil here and mixed it with baby oil for the air freshener.

Problem three, I am the only one who gets worse at opening child-proof bottles as I get older? It took me about 5 minutes to force the Baby oil bottle open, but I did it and without a hack-saw.

So far my house has not gone up in value because of these air fresheners, and the pope has still not come to visit, but they make me happy anyway.

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Steffy said...

I think the Pope might still be a little bit upset at you for that comment you made last year... you know what I mean :)