Friday, October 31, 2008

So far Bryce and I are 2 for 2 in dominating pumpkin carving contests. This year's winner is a small fish-beast being overtaken by a large fish-beast. Bryce carved the large beast and I carved the small one. Camie and JD grew the pumpkins in their backyard and let us carve some at their exciting Halloween party. (The party was mostly made exciting by Jamie's pumpkin, which fought back and wounded her finger, in a most savage fashion.)
That is my understandably distressed pumpkin #2.
Upon seeing her friend, small fish-beast, in peril, Pumpkin #2 Projects the Bat signal on the wall to call for help. This is her only special power.
This was the sky this morning, looking pretty forebodingly Halloweenish. I will be so happy when it is tomorrow because there will be no more Halloween for a while, also Halloween candy will all be very cheap, plus there is a BYU game. Yay for the day after Halloween!


Reecie said...

hehe! I love your pumpkins! Happy Halloween :)

Steffy said...

I love the pumpkins! You guys are awesome!

Sonya said...

Pumpkin awesomeness!
Also, cheap candy=yay and fatness.
I am knitting!