Saturday, November 29, 2008

California Experiments
I remember when I was little our cousin Emily was in the car with my family. There was also a fly in the car. Sara, Dad and I bloodthirstily rolled up a newspaper and prepared to execute the beast, but were stopped by Emily crying out "Noooooooooooooooooo! Don't kill him!" flabbergasted we asked "Why not??" her eyes filling with tears she replied "He's my friend."

If you ever feel the way Emily felt, you probably shouldn't read this next bit; but if you feel like me, and think flies are wicked vermin, then read on:
My dad got these plans from someplace and sent them to me and Bryce. Ever since then we have been itching to try it out.
We used Nate's bug vacuum to capture our engines. This vacuum was a present we gave Nate for his birthday. It is a good policy to give your siblings presents that you want to play with.
We imprisoned the flies.
I crafted the planes, which was not easy. Then things went bad. I thought about putting a picture of the gluey disgusting mess of flies that resulted, but it was too gluey and disgusting. It became apparent that the plane thing is like communism, better on paper than in practice. So we fed the rest of the flies to Nate's turtles.
Sorry Emily.


Sonya said...

Nooo!!! Poor flies!!!

McRachie said...

I warned you...

Melanie said...

Probably should have used double sided tape or one of those sticky tape fly traps may have worked better adhesively. There's always plenty of flies to do a revisit!