Monday, November 03, 2008

Do We Really Look Alike?
People often comment on how Bryce and I look so much alike. I usually take this with a grain of salt, because people also told me that I look like my "cousin" Cheryl. (We are not actually cousins but that is a long story, which is why we tell people that we are cousins, to avoid telling the long story.) Anyway, I never really thought that we looked alike until I looked at this picture:I was thinking, "Man! JD and Valerie [front and center] have the same smile as each other, they look so much alike!" then I thought "Hey! The Fiebers look like each other too!" and then I realized what everyone else has been talking about, Bryce and I do look like each other. But then, Bryce and JD look like eachother too! And Jamie and I have a similar smile... I guess all white people just look the same. What do you think?

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Reecie said...

Haha! Whenever my friends see pictures of my family, they always say we have the same smile, but I never notice it. :)