Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Nativity Set

Bryce and I are going to make a Nativity set this year! We are going to make it out of clay, fire it in a kiln and then glaze it. (All the pieces are going to be glossy white because I don't want to buy a million colors.) I am designing how the pieces will look. Here are the ideas I have had:
#1 Is fairly realistic, but I don't think I will put faces on them because I am not that skilled and I don't want them to look goofy. The Shepherd will wear some kind of fur skirt/robe type thing.
#2 Was my first attempt at being more abstract, but they looked like a couple of toes so I didn't design any other pieces. I had this hilarious idea to make a toe nativity, but then I decided that would be irreverent, and a little macabre. So I am not making one of those.
#3 Is more abstract, but not as silly as #2 and not as realistic as #1. If I can't pull off the first design this is my backup plan. Wish me luck!

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