Friday, December 19, 2008

Favorite Christmas Cookies
This recipe comes from my Grandma Dennis. It is my favorite kind of cookie, (I know picking a favorite cookie is like picking a favorite star, wait actually I do have a favorite never mind about that point.) Anyways, I believe they are also Sara and my Dad's favorite cookies, but not Nathan's. Nate loves snickerdoodles and chocolate chip cookies, which are delicious but peasantly in comparison to Almond Creams:You will need:
6T cold butter
1 C flour
2 1/2t cream
granulated sugar for dipping
1 C powdered sugar
2 T butter
1T cream
1 splash Almond extract
Combine the cookie ingredients as if you were making a pie crust. (Cut the butter in until it resembles small pebbles, then blend in cream.) Roll the dough into a thin sheet maybe 1/8 inch. and cut with a cookie cutter. These cookies are pretty delicate so I would not recommend a large cookie cutter because larger cookies are more prone to breaking. Broken cookies are sad. After they are cut, dip one side of the cookie in sugar and place it on a cookie sheet. These cookies do not expand so they can be close together.
Cook them for about 7 minutes, they are done when they are barely barely changing color. The frosting is the best part and you absolutely must use Almond extract, no substitutes! Let the cookies cool, then frost them and sandwich them together.
This recipe makes half as much as you think it is going to and everyone always eats twice as much as you think they will so I usually double or triple the recipe. If anyone makes it please tell me how they turn out! Happy Christmas!


Haley! said...

Your favorite comet is Halley's comet, right?

Reecie said...

I love these cookies! They are my favorite too :)