Thursday, December 11, 2008

A New Project is Born:

I know I already have a big pile of projects that I am working on and they are all in various states of doneness, and none actually done. When you have a list this long what is one more teensy weensy project? Especially one as adorable as this?
This ring can be bought at Etsy for $55. An genius lady named Rachel Ludlow (it's in the name) makes them along with other adorable things. Looking at her jewelry has inspired me to make my own.
I have never made jewelry before, I've actually never even wanted to make jewelry, but I am turning over a new leaf thanks to Etsy and the wonderful people who make instructables like this one! My only difficulty is that I don't really want to make a little love ring for myself... So my actual plan is to make it for someone else and swindle my handsome Honeybub into making one for me.


Celena said...

That's a cute ring. I used to make jewelery in high school and I gave everything that I made to all my friends and some to my family. I kept a couple for myself for a while, but then I ended up giving those away too. I loved it.

Tara said...

Pretty! I would happily volunteer to be the recipient. :)
Seriously though - if this becomes a regular hobby - you might just have to teach me too!