Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Sweet Cuppin' Cakes
Sonya sent me a link to this recipe, for eggnog cupcakes, which sounded so delicious that I needed to try it. I decided to make a batch for the German class Bryce teaches. College people are usually starving so I figured cupcakes would be appreciated, but my main motivation was that I am usually starving and I wanted to eat them. 

I made the cupcakes and frosted the cupcakes and everything was great, or so I thought... I encountered a major problem in the fact that, no matter how hard you try you can never never fit more than 15 intact cupcakes into a Pyrex dish ever. There are 16 students in Bryce's class and the pyrex dish is the biggest container I own with a lid. It seemed silly to send one cupcake alone in a little tupperware, (also I would never see the little tupperware again, the little ones never make it home!) I figured maybe someone would be absent, but that seemed like a risky bet. 

So, I'm sorry Bryce's German Class. I made these for you, but because of the small-mindedness of the people over at Pyrex you will never taste their eggnoggy goodness. 

As for the rest of you, I am now handing out eggnog cupcakes! Come get them before I eat them all!


Reecie said...

Yum!... cupcakes?!?! I'll be over there in a minute..

Sonya said...

Cupcakes! Yay!
Oh... Wait... If I start walking now, will they still be warm when I get there?

Celena said...

I am so happy. We are blog buddies! Those cupcakes look good.

Vaylene & Jordan said...

hey! i'm going private. Whats your email address?

Tara said...

oh sweet moist cupcake
How I enjoyed your sugar high.
With just the right amount of flavor and frosting - be still my beating heart.
I dreamed of you last night only to wake up empty.
Please let me enjoy your tasty smooth friendship again!