Friday, December 12, 2008


The time for buying textbooks is drawing near. I found a really good website a while ago and I promised Camie I would give it to her, but then I realized that everyone can use this website! so go to:

It lets you search all the prices and shipping costs for several stores at once happy hunting!


E.Strange said...

Another really great site to use would be It's a search engine that searches hundreds of web sites finding you the best possible deal you can get for the books you need. It's really simple to use and navigate to find the right book for you. The reason I think they're the best is that they compare many items at once, and calculate the best combination of stores to buy at, including coupons and shipping. They also let you include or exclude international editions, and even renting is an option through them. They let you choose the ship time and then calculate the lowest price using the right shipping type at every store. Its an amazing search engine for textbooks for sure! I know it seems crazy and all but its amazing and you should really check out!!!

McRachie said...

Thank you E.Strange! Getting books for a good deal is one of my great joys in life. You get the dual benefit of having more book funds, aaand the rebellious joy of sticking it to the man.

in this case "The man"= wicked overpriced bookstores that want to exploit the fact that college students NEED textbooks.