Wednesday, February 25, 2009

English Muffinned!
Most of you already know that is pretty much my favorite website of all time, except maybe for On Wednesday I had a sudden intense need for English muffins. Failblog didn't have any good ideas, but my trusty allrecipes did! I found out English muffins are actually pretty easy to make so that is what I did!
The heart cookie cutter is my favorite, so I made some heart muffins.
They did not turn out with as many holes as I would have liked, I think I might not have let them rise enough initially, but they still tasted like English muffins and made yummy sandwiches!
Bryce said he liked them more than store English muffins...but that was before he knew about their more ferocious side...


Vaylene & Jordan said...

Oh my gosh!!! I needed a laugh today. hahhaha I love those eyes. Yummy looking food too!!

Rhino said...

I'm very fond of your blogish artistry :)

I made the eggnog cupcakes you featured and they turned out quite well, so I think if I feel culinarily adventerous in the next month I might try these Britmuffs too.