Thursday, April 09, 2009

The Quick and Dirty Cap Sleeve

General Conference was last weekend. (Aside: For anyone unfamiliar with General Conference, it is a twice a year world-wide church meeting. The Prophet and apostles all speak. It is really special time for Mormons to look for special guidance from the Lord. Conference has multiple sessions, 6 actually, and one session is specifically for the Priesthood holders.) While the guys were at the Priesthood Session Sara and I decided to go shopping because she needed a dress for her brother-in-law's upcoming wedding. I did not need a dress, but of course I found one that I LOVED. (Also of course Sara was unable to find the perfect dress...I think I already made a comic about this phenomenon...)
This is the dress that I simply had to have. I decided I didn't want to cover the little bow with a sweater. It was retrenchment time!
This was my "pattern" which was cut from tissue paper that came in a gift. I measured the inside of the armholes of my dress to determine the length of the bottom.
These shorts looked adorable in the dressing room, but they looked positively hideous once I got them home. I rescued them from the thrift store pile only to subject them to cannibalization. Their fabric is the same weight and texture of the dress, it was fate.
I made the lining with leftover fabric from my wedding dress alteration. Tee hee it's like this dress is part of my wedding dress...
I sewed the lining to the fabric with the right sides facing eachother. I left the top 3-4 inches open and turned them right-side out. Then I ironed them.
I hand stitched the top loosely without knotting off either end of the thread. (p.s. I could not find any white thread in our house, so I used pink.)
I then used my loose stitch to gather the fabric. Hooray it actually looked like a sleeve!
I then sewed the sleeves into the dress. I did it by hand so I could have better control.
Ta da! Finished dress!

P.s. isn't my fridge sooo cute? Tara stuck the polka dots on it! If you want some you can get them here: