Thursday, April 09, 2009

The Quick and Dirty Cap Sleeve

General Conference was last weekend. (Aside: For anyone unfamiliar with General Conference, it is a twice a year world-wide church meeting. The Prophet and apostles all speak. It is really special time for Mormons to look for special guidance from the Lord. Conference has multiple sessions, 6 actually, and one session is specifically for the Priesthood holders.) While the guys were at the Priesthood Session Sara and I decided to go shopping because she needed a dress for her brother-in-law's upcoming wedding. I did not need a dress, but of course I found one that I LOVED. (Also of course Sara was unable to find the perfect dress...I think I already made a comic about this phenomenon...)
This is the dress that I simply had to have. I decided I didn't want to cover the little bow with a sweater. It was retrenchment time!
This was my "pattern" which was cut from tissue paper that came in a gift. I measured the inside of the armholes of my dress to determine the length of the bottom.
These shorts looked adorable in the dressing room, but they looked positively hideous once I got them home. I rescued them from the thrift store pile only to subject them to cannibalization. Their fabric is the same weight and texture of the dress, it was fate.
I made the lining with leftover fabric from my wedding dress alteration. Tee hee it's like this dress is part of my wedding dress...
I sewed the lining to the fabric with the right sides facing eachother. I left the top 3-4 inches open and turned them right-side out. Then I ironed them.
I hand stitched the top loosely without knotting off either end of the thread. (p.s. I could not find any white thread in our house, so I used pink.)
I then used my loose stitch to gather the fabric. Hooray it actually looked like a sleeve!
I then sewed the sleeves into the dress. I did it by hand so I could have better control.
Ta da! Finished dress!

P.s. isn't my fridge sooo cute? Tara stuck the polka dots on it! If you want some you can get them here:


Sara said...

Oooh cute, I am glad that shopping trip resulted in someone getting a cute dress! Also, I notice your new blog background matches your dress, I like it!

CLAIRIC≡ said...

Ooh la la! I love your dress, the sleeves look so good! :)

Sonya said...

cute dress! Also, peter pan collar:

it's a rounded collar thing. Cute!

Vaylene & Jordan said...

so cute!!! your so handy I am jealous! plus i love the fridge!

Camie and JD said...

I love the dress, you really can do everyting!

Celena said...

I almost didn't see you because you blend so well with the background. You are such a good homemaker. I would try to fix things. Didn't turn out so well for me. Love the fridge.

Cheryl said...

That is way cute. I'm going to have to remember that technique. Good job. (yes, your fridge is adorable.)

Haley! said...

Ooh, I like:
your dress
your fridge
your blog
I can't wait to see you, Bryce, Sara, and Bryan next month!

Tara said...

Your dress and sleeves are so cute!! Can you just be my personal seamstress? :)
p.s. thanks for the plug :)

I am going to miss you guys this summer. Thank heaven for gmail chat!!!