Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Where We Are and Where We're Going
This week we are in California visiting my parents and siblings. Sara and Bryan came down too and it has been great being together with everyone; especially when we are being together at Disneyland!Above you will find photo evidence of the one time I have ever beaten Bryce at Buzz Blasters. Happily, my best game ever and his worst game ever happened to coincide as the same game and I was able to beat him. (For those readers who do not know what Buzz Blasters is: Get thee to Disneyland ASAP! Your life is lacking real happiness!)
This is Big Tree Park. I always try to tell people how big this tree is, but I can tell no one really takes me seriously. I say "I'm not even exaggerating!" and they always give this little chuckle, but I know they are secretly thinking "Yeah, just like you weren't exaggerating about that 'GIANT' spider?"
But seriously, look, it is HUGE.
We went to the beach, which was super fun at first, but then things took a wicked turn for the worst:These are Patrick's, Squidward's, and Spongebob's houses. You know it's the real thing because you can see Gary out in Spongebob's front yard. He seemed kind of distressed so we followed Gary around back. I thought something might be wrong, but nothing prepared me for what we would find.
It's true. Spongebob is dead. Here's how we found him. We called the police but the Nickelodeon people rushed in before we could find anything out. They are trying to hush everything up so people won't notice when they bring in the stunt man to continue the show. Sad, just sad. RIP Spongebob old pal.

Also, for those of you who don't know, We are flying to Germany on Thursday! Bryce has an internship and we will be spending the summer in Deutschland!


Travis and Celena said...

What a fun time in Cali. I hope all goes well in Germany and good luck! Oh that sponge bob thing is quite funny I might add.

Camie and JD said...

its fun to see all your fun things!
we miss you guys

Steffy said...

Oh my gosh! It's Thursday now!! I hope you had a great flight! Have an awesome time in Germany!

Sonya said...

Yay Germany!
...I sent you the picture of Sarah and I on Buzz Blaster, yes? Terrible, terrible picture.

Elisabeth said...

I love that huge tree-you are right about it being big!!! And Disneyland is the best. Congrats on the internship in Germany- I hope everything works out well for you there and have fun!