Monday, June 15, 2009

Shopping in Germany

Things are still going well here in Germany. (Aside to Camie: Bryce got an internship with a steel manufacturing company here in Germany, we found out about it the day after you left!) Right now he is working on optimizing a machine called the Fett-schmierungsomething-or-other which translates directly to "Fat-Smearer" I know you are not supposed to translate things directly but it is just so much fun! It is a lubrication system for the cold rolling machines. He has also been asked to design a spline for another machine.

The weather has been a bit rainy, but it is really lovely here. I usually work, clean and go to the grocery store during the day. If you are ever planning on grocery shopping in germany there are a few things that you should know:

#1. Not all containers, depicting happy people cuddling clean towels, are full of actual laundry soap. If you are not careful you might find yourself doing loads of laundry with nothing but fabric softener.
Con: Everything will still be dirty.
Pro: At least everything will smell good.

#2. Many food products here say things like "FIREY HOT" with pictures of jalepenos and flames. I believe this is a trick designed to fool people, especially people who think food looks best through a veil of pepper induced tears (I'm looking at you Sara Marie...) When they say "FIREY HOT" they actually mean "SPRINKLED WITH PAPRIKA". However, if something says "Scharf" be prepared for tears.
Con: The package lied to you.
Pro: No tears of fire.

#3. Sometimes you might think you are buying ladies sanitary napkins, but in reality you are buying adult diapers.
Con: You husband mocks you, the cashier looks at you funny.
Pro: None.

Note: This is just a friendly warning. I can neither confirm nor deny firsthand experience with any of these situations.


Steffy said...

You crack me up! It sounds like you are having a blast in Germany!

Jamie Densley Fieber said...

Rach... you are too funny! I laughed heartily while reading this!

Sonya said...

I had an honest reaction to reply "LOL". Because, well, I did.
Some people are even bigger pansies about spice than you are, it seems. Hehee.

Camie and JD said...

That would be crazy! I cant believe your in germany!! We miss you guys, can't wait to hang out!