Monday, July 06, 2009

Critters in Germany

In Germany there are some little creatures that cannot be found in America, or at least that I cannot find in America. Our friend Chris has been extolling the excellent characteristics of Hedgehogs for a long time, so we decided to go out and find one. Alas, our first and second excusions did not reveal any hedgies. As we were walking along we saw some little green LEDs glowing in the grass. Upon closer inspection they turned out to be Glow Worms! Look how brightly they glow!
We also found a Mr.Toad. He was cranky, and for those of you who don't know, cranky toads like to pee on people. I am holding him that way to foil any urine-related plans he might have had.
Our hedgie hunts were unsuccessful, even though we looked for a very long time. It turns out laziness is the best policy when looking for hedgehogs. We were sitting visiting with the Heller family when I heard a rustling in the corner. I went to inspect and found a pokey little bum protruding from a sprinkler pipe!
Here is my favorite picture of his face. Hedgehogs are vey very shy.
We waited and waited, but he refused to come out. So we gave him some berries so he would see that we were friends.
It worked! He came out and waddled away!


Haley! said...

Oooh how cute! I sewed a hedgehog in eighth grade, I named him Sonic. But your hedgehog is much cuter!!

Sonya said...

I love this! We considered getting a hedgehog for our apartment briefly. Apparently they are sold as pets and are legal most places.
A misspelling in your email led me to what seemed to be a somewhat crazy religious site though. Amusing how on the internet one tiny change can do so much.

McRachie said...

hahaha oh man, I just went to seems fishy that there is something called blogpot... but funny too

Elisabeth said...

oooh, real gloworms! that's pretty neat. Hedgehogs are so cute- I wanted one when I was younger but my mom thought I was crazy. I am enjoying all the pictures of your Germany adventure!

Tara said...

AWWW! So cute! Can you bring one back on the plane? Glad you didn't get peed on! :)
We miss you guys - but don't worry - you are just missing out on my sick stage - not fun or exciting. Thanks for your blog posts - it might be the only way I get to Europe for a while.
Love ya!

Cheryl said...

Fun! I like the glow worms. I have that same BYU shirt that you're wearing. hee hee hee