Saturday, August 08, 2009

Bryce finished with his internship and we are now on a trip in Southern Germany. It is beautiful here! We went to the temple in Frankfurt and it was excellent. The spire was too tall to fit in the picture so we took a picture of it alone.Right now we are in Stuttgart staying with a wonderful family that Bryce knows from his mission here. Today we went to the Mercedes museum and saw 9 floors worth of cars cars cars. It was excellent and very interesting. Here is Handsome Bryce next to a giant 1500 horsepower engine. It was designed for racing semi trucks.
Stuttgart is amazing. The city is very hilly, similar to Eastern Salt Lake, but much older. Bryce and I have been exploring the places he saw on his mission. Here is a normal neighborhood near where he lived as a missionary.
This is the city center area with a winged lady on a tall column. Perhaps she is friends with Moroni from the first picture in this post?
Before we left Thiede we had an adventure in the woods. Here is a hill that we found.
It looked pretty steep, excellent for riding a bike down. So I rode down. (Note these pictures are a reenactment not from the original incident, that is why I am not on a bike)
It was great! Right until I noticed that the ground ahead of me looked worrisome. It was close but I stopped (on my bum).
Which is lucky because this is what was on the other side of the ridge:
eep! I told this story to my mom and Bryce's mom and they were both distressed, but it was really not too bad. I only got a couple of scratches and have now learned that you should look before you go flying down random hills in the woods. Later we came back and stole the brakes off a bike which was not as lucky with the stopping thing.
Something that was really terrifying though was this gigantic crane fly that came into our bedroom!
He was HUGE. I don't like abnormally large bugs. Bugs in general are ok, but when they are weirdly large I am troubled. How did they get so big? What exactly have they been eating? He is dead in this picture, but I put I piece of scotch tape on him just in case he was faking it. You just never know with mutants...


Sara said...

Hehehee! Nice job with the tape, oversized flying things should not be trusted.

Haley! said...

Yeah, watch out for those jumbo jets...

Karen said...

Is it really a wise thing to steal the brakes off a bike that FAILED to stop before the big huge drop off? ;)

Your blog is hilarious. I am in deep deep stick figure drawing envy.

McRachie said...

Hee hee thanks! We actually had a discussion about the brakes, but since Bryce's bike had NO brakes we figured the semblance of brakes was better than nothing!