Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Chicanery

We are visiting my parents for Christmas. It is really fun, and really warm. Today my dad, Bryce, and I all took a tour of Northrop Grumman. It was very interesting and very exciting. We have had fun with my siblings as well. We made laser pointer art:That one, above, is an apple. Below you will find my name:
We also made bristle bots, which we found on this page. Nate has been excited to make them, and they are really simple. Bryce and I tore apart some old cell phones and removed their motors, which were then attached to a toothbrush head and taped to a battery.
Handsome Bryce McEwen (I am calling him Handsome Bryce McEwen because on Google if you search "handsome Bryce" I pop up on the first page, but if you search "Bryce McEwen" I don't show up for three pages, and that is crazy!!!) worked on the Bristle Beast, using a larger motor and a hairbrush.
This is my sister Haley's fabulous headband thingy which I love.
Here are the finished bots:
Here are two silent movies of my brother, Nate, playing with the bots.

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