Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Taylor Swift's Hair*

Ok, before anyone gets all excited you must know:

I only know one thing about Taylor Swift and that is that she has fantastic hair. I have never heard one of her songs, I have never seen any TV shows featuring her, and I have never read any magazine articles about her. Seriously, the only thing I know is what I can learn from her shiny face and wicked hair staring at me from magazine covers as I purchase groceries! Ok? So just don't get all excited or anything.

Foiled again by nature!


Reecie! said...

haha, did you know that's how her hair is naturally?! Luckeeeey!

Sonya said...

It is super pretty hair. But my gym tv which is usually on tabloid shows (yay trash tv at the gym. makes things better) says that she is STRAIGHTENING her hair now. At least she has done it some lately. That makes me sad. She's so pretty in general though.

McRachie said...

So her hair is naturally like that? I bet she sleeps with her hair tied in crazy knots trying to achieve my patented "devil-may-care-cowlick-hair" only to have hers revert to ringlets by lunch time!