Friday, January 29, 2010

Bed and Breakfast
This year for Christmas Bryce's parents gave us a free night's stay at the Anniversary Inn, in Salt Lake. This is the only picture I took of our room:
But if you are super curious you can look on their web site. They have a ton of fun rooms, (literally 2000 lbs worth!*) The room was really pretty and they give you cheesecake at night and breakfast in the morning!

The best part was spending time on a mini-adventure with Bryce. I am so lucky to have such a fantastic husband! You might think this is going to get mushy, but you are wrong, because that mushy stuff is none of your business! (Unless you, the reader, are Bryce; in which case I will tell you later!) Thanks Mom and Dad McEwen for the wonderful present, and the excellent job you did raising your son.

*Not actually 2000 lbs, which means that when I said "literally" I actually meant "figuratively". This happens more than you would suspect.


Reecie! said...


Sonya said...

I have been noticing that the word "literally" has been very much abused lately. Both misused and overused. It probably has deep-seated emotional issues now.

McRachie said...

The interesting thing is that almost every time someone says "literally" what they actually mean is "figuratively" total opposite meanings! However, history has shown us that usage can dictate the meaning of a word, so in linguistic flux, over time the word "literally" could come to actually mean "figuratively". I have thought about this many times, it isn't just deep-seated emotional issues we are dealing with, it is a total identity crisis! A reversal of meaning! It's crazy, my friend!