Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Christmas Pajamas
Every year, since I can remember, we open a present on Christmas Eve. My mom always chooses the present for us, and it is always jammies. This is something my mom suffers a lot of whining over. (I still say that year when I got the XXL hairy-dog-with-a-basket-of-apples-jammies was whine worthy.) I have to say though, this year's PJ present was a fabulous success. These are actually the best pajamas I have ever had! They are comfy and the perfect length and very pink. So good job Mom! And also I love you! (But not just because you picked out some cute jammies this year.)P.S.
In this picture I was reading "Diary of a Wimpy Kid", which was a present, from Bryce and me, to my brother Nate; which I stole about 2 minutes after he opened it. It was hilarious and I recommend it for anyone who needs a brain rest.


Reecie! said...

Mom says she thinks your doggies and apples jammies were only XL and some other excuses... ;)

Reecie! said...

She also says she's glad you like them this year!
I think they are very cute too :)