Wednesday, February 24, 2010

No Poo

It's not what you think! Maybe it's worse... "No Poo" is a movement of people who have decided to stop using shampoo. My dear friend Sonya (who is a secret hippie) told me about this some time ago and I was thoroughly grossed out. Most hippies who read this will be disgusted with me because I am much more concerned with how my hair looks than I am with the dangers of chemicals and plastic bottles. I know it's vain, but that's the truth.

I would consider myself to be a highly unlikely candidate for "No Poo". I have unruly, thin, wavy hair and the idea of releasing it from its chemical shackles sounds like a recipe for disaster. However, ever since this summer shampoo has not been doing the trick like it used to. My hair has felt heavy and gunky even when I just showered recently. I learned that you can use baking soda as a shampoo and vinegar as a conditioner, this sounded like a 5th grade science experiment volcano to me, but I did it anyway and I was surprised at how nicely it worked. No gunk!

So I have kept doing it. It has been a week since I used shampoo, and I've used the volcano recipe twice.

See! Not greasy!!! I used enough baking soda and water to make a paste, then rubbed that into my roots. Rinsed well and then conditioned with 2 T white vinegar in 2 C of water, which I didn't rinse out. (I know, vinegar smells weird, but the smell totally disappears when your hair dries! I'm serious! Come smell my head!)

A lot of people who talk about no poo claim that their formerly terribly messy hair became silky soft and naturally beautiful without any styling. A lot of other people said their head became a massive ball O'butter and society shunned them. My experience has been in the middle. When I go a few days without washing, my hair is a bit greasy, when I wash it it is clean but must be tamed by a curling iron or straightener. It seems to work just as well as shampoo and conditioner ever did, plus it is ridiculously cheap.

So stay posted, I will give another update in a week to see if anything drastic happens. And to Sonya: You may possibly have been right about this, but don't think I am crossing over to the hippie side! I am just really cheap!

Friday, February 19, 2010


Bryce's brother, Trent, has been accepted as an undergrad at BYU! Obviously this called for some special cup cakes:

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I have always loved Valentine's day. This year we decided to stay in and avoid the crowds and the "special" (read: over priced) Valentine's menus. It was really nice. I made lamb with my smoker:I love having a day set aside to tell people that you think they are special. I especially love sharing it with Handsome Bryce.

My famous huge hands, which are thankfully much smaller than Bryce's!
Oma and Opa Dennis
One of our 3 wedding cakes.
Cake kiss

Friday, February 12, 2010

Jamie Densley Fieber Changed My Life!

Ok, apparently I was born yesterday, because I just barely found out about this, but my friend Jamie told me that you can make popcorn in an ordinary paper bag in the microwave! I know, I was totally skeptical too, but today I tried it and IT'S TRUE YOU GUYS! You can actually put pop corn kernels and nothing else into a plain lunch bag, fold the top three times and stick it in the microwave, two minutes later the bag is full of real fluffy pop corn. It's like some kind of magic trick! Anyone can do it! You don't even need a license or anything!All this time I have been thinking there was some secret trick to popcorn and you either had to make it on the stove, in a special popper, or with the magical bags from the store. Man, I feel like a sucker, but a reformed one, reborn as a non-sucker!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


I used to be a secretary. Now I am a project manager and graphic designer. The problem is that my desk happens to be the one closest to the door so when people walk in they think I am the secretary.

There's nothing wrong with being a secretary, the trouble is that people are not usually very nice to secretaries. At UVU people would come in all the time and expect me to drop everything to help them with their little problems. That was usually ok, because that was my job.

Now, there are not many people that come in, but when they do it is terribly annoying to have someone expect me to drop everything. Some things cannot be dropped!

So I have discovered a few ways to subtly signal to people that I am not a secretary :

Works every time.

Monday, February 08, 2010

Thursday, February 04, 2010


LeBron, I'm not saying it's going to happen, just that it could happen. Just be careful.