Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I have always loved Valentine's day. This year we decided to stay in and avoid the crowds and the "special" (read: over priced) Valentine's menus. It was really nice. I made lamb with my smoker:I love having a day set aside to tell people that you think they are special. I especially love sharing it with Handsome Bryce.

My famous huge hands, which are thankfully much smaller than Bryce's!
Oma and Opa Dennis
One of our 3 wedding cakes.
Cake kiss


Haley! said...

Awwww! So happy! :D

Kylie said...

Whoa! Your hubby must have GIANT hands :D I bet he can palm a basketball with one hand?

Actually your hands still look rather long in the picture... they just aren't nearly as wide (or mannly)... when you compare hands with him, are his hands a couple of inches longer?

By the way, I had my hubby measure his hand (I like hands by the way) as you described in your post.. and his were only seven inches.. maybe we are measuring differently, because his hands do look pretty big to me.

Great blog by the way, you are a very talented cartoonist!!!!

McRachie said...

Thanks for the compliments Kylie. Handsome Bryce can palm a basketball, I try but I can really only palm a volleyball.