Friday, March 05, 2010

More Funny Words from Germany

So we have taken apart our car to replace the axles, (more on that later) and I don't have my camera because it is with the dismantled car. I will give a "no poo" update on Monday. But Since I haven't posted for a while here is the sequel to my funny German pictures:

First off, if you're looking to buy some dross, this is the place for you:
This is Bryce's bike, how could you not trust a brand like this?
The people here really hate reporters and such:
Nothing like finding pure lust whilst on the bus:
Dogs hate this hotel:
Excellent! I already had too much dross, but I needed to get some more gross!
A store for people too good for gross dross:
Hee hee hee scandal house!
Ah, so many choices, which kind of accessories should I get?
Have a great weekend!


Reecie! said...

hahaha! :D

Haley! said...

I love these!