Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hi-Hat Cupcakes
I found this recipe for cupcakes and was so excited to try it! (If you want to make it truly Martha Stewartesque you could include a file, shim, or a stick of dynamite in each of your cupcakes!)

The cake is one of the best made-from-scratch recipes I have ever made. Usually I just use cake mixes, because it is easy, cheap, and seriously, those cake mix people know what they are doing! I am glad I used the actual recipe this time though, because it is tasty!
I gave them marshmallow tops, yummy!

Then dunked them in chocolate. At this point Bryce came in and commented on how they looked like they were topped with little poos. As you can see below, my monkey salt shaker and I were totally scandalized by this, but only because we knew it was true.
They were still tasty though!

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