Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Game

Probably most of you know about BYU's game last Saturday. We lost the football game, but Bryce and I won our own personal game that we play. It is called: "Outwit the Orange Shirts".

The Orange Shirts, also known as the Events Staff, are humorless, radio carrying, people. They do not watch the game, they only watch you. BYU can make the greatest play of ALL TIME and their faces register no joy, only the steely glare of enforcement. Their favorite thing to do is to confiscate things, especially food and beach balls.

So we have undertaken a vendetta against them, to foil their food stealing ways at every turn. With each game our smuggling will be more extravagant. This week we smuggled in:Homemade beef jerky. (I made this in my smoker for the first time, it was tasty, but there are some things I would do differently next time.)
And giant ginger cookies. (I would not do anything different on these next time!)

The Orange Shirts inspect your bag surprisingly thoroughly, but Bryce and I have developed a system of smuggling, so ingenious that they will never catch us. Here is how we do it:

HA HA! Nice try Orange shirted fiends! Like I would reveal my secrets here! Forget about it!

p.s. To those of you still in the baby-leagues of smuggling here is a tip:
Put a handful of tampons at the top of your bag and have a male orange shirt inspect it, they are much less thorough that way!


Haley! said...

Hahahaha!!!!! I was totally expecting the secret!! ANd then, YANK! The opportunity was rejected :) haha

McRachie said...

Haley, when you come to BYU I will pass our secret way on to you; but the blog is not a safe venue, you never know who is watching... constant vigilance!

Sonya said...

Also, for a purse you don't super love, a hole in the lining so that you can store things in there is a good maneuver.
*Evil genius laugh*

Vaylene & Jordan said...

You wanna know my secret :) get a big bag and stuff all your candy inside the side pocket. Then I top it off with tampons and pads and then choose a guy to go through my purse. They won't TOUCH that pocket. haha works everytime :)