Monday, September 20, 2010

Hiking Mount Timpanogos
This weekend Handsome Bryce, Kason, Ryan, and I all hiked Timp. I was really proud of us, because this is the fastest we have ever climbed it. (Only 3.5 hours to the saddle!) I have to say, Tony Little, your exercise machine gave me GAZELLE POWER. I bounded up that mountain and never felt like I needed a break! (Ok, I did need three breaks on the second to last switchback, because it is super steep with loose dirt, and one time to take off one of my pairs of socks, but that is all!)
Ryan took all of these pictures, that's why they look good.
In the past we have hiked in August and it has been chilly, but this time it was Fa-ree-zing! That's why I am dressed like a baked potato.
I know I am looking like a hobo in these pictures, but seriously, I cannot impress upon you how cold it was. I am wearing seven layers in these pictures and I still would have totally gone for a trash bin of burning paper and those fingerless gloves hobos have.

The hike went really well. Other than the biting cold before the sun rose, the weather was really clear and perfect. It was fun to spend time with Kason, Ryan, and especially Bryce.
Bryce is the best hiking companion because he carries my pack down the mountain, and then gives me a foot rub after we get home! (No foot rubs until I shower though, because I was really really really dirty. You might think Seven layers would keep dirt off of you, but you'd be wrong.)
P.s. Bryce just skipped a rock in Emerald Lake, and pretty much made some kid's day because of the amazing number of skips he achieved.


Sara said...

Oooh fun! It sounds like you do have GAZELLE POWER! Or maybe GOAT POWER!

McRachie said...

Haha, if I had goat power it only would have taken me 23 minutes to get to the top, those things have anti-gravity abilities!