Monday, September 27, 2010

Kid Pix Monday
By popular demand Kid Pix is back! (aka Bryce and I liked making the other Kid Pix drawing so much that we decided to do it again.) Perhaps it can become a tradition?

This week's Kid Pix was inspired by this article at CNN. Apparently sharks are in danger of extinction because they have delicious fins. I wouldn't know about the fins. I eat cows, and chickens, and pigs, and tofus because I am pretty sure none of them can eat me back. (Okay, pigs probably could eat me.) Sharks however, could easily eat me, so I don't want to provoke them.

Perhaps Kid Pix Monday should also be weird coincidences in Rachel-and-Handsome-Bryce's-childhood-day. As kids both of us were pretty obsessed with drawing pictures of sharks. Probably many people are fascinated by sharks, but did most people turn in homework depicting a feeding frenzy in the margins? It's just that sharks are so powerful and terrible, like a torpedo of death that swims and jumps, and has magical pits in its head that allow it to find you even in pitch blacky blackness, also with fins made of delicious soup fodder.
As you can see, all that practice has really paid off artistically. Can you guess which parts I drew and which parts are Handsome Bryce's?

Sharks! Hey guys! Just so you know this picture is just a joke K? Next time you see me in the ocean remember I never ate any shark fin soup. Also I have been using a Gazelle so I am definitely all tough and bony and non-juicy-delicious. Plus my hair is long, you have enough problems without a mouthful of hair, right?

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