Thursday, September 02, 2010

Like a Gazelle
With winter coming in fast I decided to invest in some exercise equipment to help me stay active. I bought a Tony Little Gazelle, and set to work. The problem is though, I actually dislike exercise.

I know, I know exercise is good for you! You feel great when you exercise! Blah! Lies! I feel gross when I exercise and I have never attained this farcical "Runner's High". All I ever get is "Runner's Boredom" or a "Runner's Paranoia-That-The-Car-Driving-Next-To-Me-Wants-To-Kidnap-Me". Despite this secret disdain for exercise I do like the benefits of being healthy. Using the Gazelle is kind of fun, but it is still exercise. Never fear though, my handsome husband has saved me!

One of the excellent things about being married to Bryce is that if you say, "I have a problem and I need a thing that Wal Mart does not sell." He will usually say, "We could probably make that." Fabulous.I commissioned him to build a pink lap-top tray that fits over the display on my Gazelle. So now I can read about whatever I want, or even get work done, and ignore the fact that I am exercising! I know you are probably thinking that won't make a huge difference, but my friends, it makes a HUGE difference!
The laptop is elevated on four blocks with silicone non-slide tops. Bryce cut a window in the base so if I ever want to check the display I can still see it. I don't use the display much, but it is really nice that it is not obscured.
Exercise is not a waste of time, but it feels like it is. Surfing the internet is (usually) a waste of time, but it feels like it's not. Combining the two makes everything feel right in the world.
Thanks Honey!

Tony Little, this thing better be making me REALLY healthy, because if this soreness in my muscles is for nothing I will seek revenge.


Haley! said...

This is REALLY cool! You should manufacture them and make $$$! Hahaha :)

Camie and JD said...

That is awesome. You guys need to come up and see us soon. We miss you.
PS this is J.D. and no I am not girly because I read your blog I just think you guys are freaking hilarious.

Camie and JD said...

This is camie now... and I can not find shoes that fit lachlynn's fat feet it's impossible and I joked with j.d. that if there were any people to solve my dilemma it would be the mcEwen's. SO learn how to make shoes and I'll gladly invest.

McRachie said...

Hmmm I am intrigued by your shoe dilemma! Perhaps this should be a new project!

Tara said...

my old roomies are getting together to make baby shoes.... ;)

Melanie said...

I bought one of those things some years ago and all it did was make my achillies tendons hurt. Maybe i was doing it wrong...