Friday, September 03, 2010

Living Room Redo
A couple of months ago Handsome Bryce helped drive his brother, Trevor, to an internship in Detroit. Bryce was gone for 2 nights and 2 and a half days. In case you don't know I am a major pansy about being apart from Bryce, and I knew I needed something to keep me busy while he was gone. So Sara and I hatched a plan to redecorate my living room while Bryce was gone! As soon as Bryce stepped out the door, (and as soon as I got finished sniffling) I moved everything out of our crowded living room, and set out to find a fabulous rug for our floor. I called my mom and told her about my plan. She said "You should look at Lowe's they have nice rugs." I said "Pbbssssh! Lowe's! They have only hideous rugs!" Then I went to every furniture store in Utah and hated all of their rugs. So I finally trudged to Lowe's where I found the perfect rug and it was marked down 40%! I know, I know, your mother is always right.The rug was an important part of the decorating but the most difficult part was the couch. Bryce's parents had this super awesome wooden couch frame, and about a year ago they told me I could have it if I wanted to get cushions for it. I was super excited and bought all the supplies forever ago. Then I realized something, making couches is HARD. That's why there are people who have upholstery shops, because normal people would never choose to sew a couch! So I never really got very far before this decorating storm, but now I was determined to finish it before Bryce got back. Kason helped me move the couch to my apartment, Thanks Kason! I worked furiously on Friday, but wasn't near being done. I went to a second hand store, DI, and picked up a shelving unit for out TV and TV accouterments. (We painted it brown.)

Bryce called me* and I pretended like I didn't do anything all day. Then I went to Bryce's parent's house to sleep because Bryce was gone and I am a pansy. The next day I woke up at 6 to hit a neighborhood yard sale which had been advertised on Craigslist. It was pouring rain, but I went anyway. The yard sale was canceled, wah! But lucky for me the couple who were there to tell me it was canceled happened to have the twin lamps and end table that I had seen on the internet, and sold them to me anyway! Win!

Next I met Tara, Maddy, and Boston at Lowe's to help me pick out a paint color for one of my walls. (It doesn't really show up well in these pictures, I'll take a better one later.) We chose a pale muted blue. Tara advised me not to get one as bright as I thought I would want, to get one with some gray in it, and boy was she right. The color turned out absolutely perfect, subtle and still interesting. Tara also got me the vinyl design for the wall, called "Dandelion Breeze". Thanks Tara and Maddy!
Later I plugged one of the new lamps into the wall and FZZZZT! The power went out in my living room. I tried flipping the breaker but nothing happened :( So I called my dad, but he was at a wedding and didn't hear. So I called Bryce's dad. His parents came over and flipped the breaker and ta da! It worked! (I was feeling pretty sheepish at that point.) It turns out you have to flip it really hard to make it work, good to know. Thanks guys!

That night Sara and Bryan came over and we had a pizza party, and worked like crazy to get everything in place. My dad called back and explained about how lamps are just a giant power cord attached to a little light socket and that I probably had a faulty cord. (Thanks a lot yard sale man!) So with his help I returned to Lowe's and purchased a $3 cord to fix the lamp. He also told me of about 12 different ways you can electrocute yourself while messing with electrical stuff, also good to know. Thanks Dad!

After I hung up with Dad, Bryce called and Sara and Bryan and I silently repaired the lamp, so he wouldn't suspect. Sara and Bryan also made the couch more structurally sound by stapling a million burlap strips below where the couch cushions go. They were super helpful! Thanks guys!

After that I went to sleep at Bryce's parent's house again. (Seriously watch the old black and white "The Haunting" movie and tell me you are not creeped out by being alone in the dark house!)

The next day was Sunday so I went to church, then came home and put the final touches on the couch, (after Sara saved me by bringing me a new bobbin) and made a throw pillow. I was busy right up to the minute when it was time to go pick up Bryce at the airport. He was so surprised! Aaaand he liked it! Yay!

The whole revision cost me about $200, which I was pretty happy about. We both like our living room so much more now, because there is room for more than two people to sit and it feels much homier.

*Bryce had his own exciting adventure on the road trip, which will take a whole new post to explain.


Sonya said...

I also had a shaming moment with a breaker! I called the landlord and had him come in there and flip the breaker three different times (I kept tripping it when I used the broiler, and I never did learn...) before I was successfully able to do it myself. I felt like such a loser every time he came over and did what I had already done many times but was successful. Oh well.

McRachie said...

Maybe it's all in the wrist?

Melanie said...

You MADE that couch!? That's awesome!