Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Seriously, This Time I was not Exaggerating

So, way back in June of 2008 I wrote this blog post about my giant mutant hands. I wrote the post because I wanted an excuse to draw a tentacle arm. Little did I know that would become the most popular post on my blog!

Since it was posted some people have cast aspersions as to the real size of my hands. (I am looking at you Bella of the sarcastic quotation marks usage!) So to put this to rest I have been prevailed upon by Jessica, who writes a blog all about ladies with large hands, to post a picture with a ruler.

BAM! I told you so!I expect you Bellas out there will soon be demanding a picture of me proving that I am 5'4'', but you are all just going to have to trust me on that one.

Also as you can see from pictures, Handsome Bryce is a foot taller than me. Which means if I were much taller than 5'4'' he would be pushing 7 feet, which means he would be an NBA player, which means I would not need to be looking for a job!

I am looking for a job still! Anyone need a project manager?


Christian Wade said...

Your hands are crazy big!

Just asked my bf to measure his and his hands are about the same size although your palms might be even longer and he is six feet tall!

I bet your husband doesn't complain though! I certainly wouldn't. LOL!

By the way, your kidpix cartoons are hilarious. You should do one about you and the big hands.

Sonya said...

She kind of did already post a cartoon about her hands... She linked back to it in this post too. It's the first link.
I love the cupcake hands especially...

Kaycee said...

I guess it is cool that you are proud of your hands. I know some tall men whose hands you would probably dwarf quite easily. My hand probably isn't much bigger than your palm... those things are massive!

I bet if you tried long enough you could palm a basketball no question... you just need to stretch those things out!

McRachie said...

Haha, I could maybe palm a basketball if I tried, but my fingers are not strong enough. Maybe I will develop a system of tiny finger weights...

Anonymous said...

Yikes! That picture of you measuring your hand really shows the size of those hands of yours!!!

Your palms are so loooong! I guarantee if you tried to palm a new (like in the store) basketball you would be able to after a few tries.

If you ever get a chance, I would absolutely love to see more pics of those beautiful big hands. You could probably be a hand model... like when they try to make a product look smaller.

Love your blog, you are so funny!

McRachie said...

Thanks for the compliments Julia. It would be fun to be a hand model. Also, from you blog I see that we both hate cats, so for that I send you a giant high five!

Laura Smith said...

Those are astonishingly big hands!

Hope you put your hands to good use, they are definitely meant to play the guitar or piano.

Do you ever paint your nails, I bet they would be gorgeous with a french manicure. As someone already stated, you should be a hand model.

Can I have a "giant high five" as well. Just not too hands are teeny :)