Friday, September 24, 2010

Wide Load Revolution

When I was in elementary school and junior high I had a purple/blue bike with mustard colored accents. Now that I think about it, the colors were terrible, but at the time my main concern was the seat. It was one of those wide seats with springs on the bottom. I remember feeling certain that people would look at the bike seat and decide that I must have a big bum. (It didn't occur to me that people could look at my actual hind quarters to determine their size.)

I have been using Trent's bike for a while now. It is classy blue and silver, but oh man, the seat is terrible for me! I used to wonder what it would feel like to be "rode out of town on a rail", and now I know. It is a pain in the-but it looks so slim and athletic!So I have suffered. However, as Handsome Bryce and I were riding this week I had an epiphany: Correlation does not imply causation! Having a wide seat does not make you have a wide rear!

Of course a wide seat is nice when you do have a wide rear, but I don't care how tiny your hiney is, it is not 5.5''. (Except for maybe yours, Lachlynn, are you looking for a bike seat? Call me!)

So this week I am not going to have my legs falling asleep when I need them most! I am going to sit on my wide-load seat and rejoice!

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