Monday, October 25, 2010


So Karen was telling me about this clip from Jerry Seinfeld:

I thought it was funny and true, but then the more I thought about it, the more I decided that really this phenomenon is not so unique. Pretty much anything that was once attached and then becomes unattached becomes completely repulsive. Think about it:

Really, the possibilities are endless. This doesn't just hold true to physical things either. If you were once figuratively attached to something, and then became later unattached, that thing becomes fervently repugnant, often just as repellent as it was once attractive. I dub this, "The Rule of Reverse Attraction".

The inverse of this rule, I think, rarely holds true; (the more revolting something is, the more passionately you love it when it becomes attached to you) but this is the premise for just about every chick-flick type movie ever. This is opening a door where few desire to tread, into my seething disgust for chick-flicks. So we'll just wrap it up here before I make anybody cry.


Haley! said...

Sooooo true!!! :)

lineuponliney said...

You did make me cry. It was induced through laughter. The illustrations made it a hundred times better! :)