Monday, October 18, 2010

Horrible Horrible Things from the Deep

Let's just be upfront about this, I hate to clean out the fridge. I would rather clean the potty 14 times than clean out the fridge. Ironically, this abiding hatred of fridge cleaning causes me to put it off, which in turn makes the chore all the more horrid when I finally get around to it. Steel yourselves before you go on, it is ugly:

Icy iceberg lettuce, or alien cerebral cortex? It's really too late to tell, but I am quite sure it is now sentient.
This gelatinous mass is beet-like in color, but the whole thing has congealed together in some kind of unrecognizable mass. I admit this is always how I imagined a liver on the black market would look. Except we never eat liver, so it can't be that...
Who knew Mozzarella would grow such a sprightly springy coral color of mold?
This looked way worse in person. Like some kind of Venusian swamp sludge. Also, I can't remember the last time I bought sprouts.
If I keep waiting will this eventually turn into Bleu Cheese?
Ok, I literally have no ideas about what this was originally. I don't know if it was meat, or vegetables, or dairy. Sauron called me last week saying I had one of the ingredients he needed for the evil he was stirring in Mordor; but this was pushed way back to the farthest reaches of the fridge, so I didn't know what he was talking about. Hopefully his recipe turned out ok anyway.


Untypically Jia said...

Too funny. And gross.

If you think that's bad, one time my husband and I forgot that we bought two bags of potatoes once at the store, and accidentally left the other in the trunk. Then we had our tires changed and the potatoes got buried beneath our spare tire . . . for 5 months!!!!

Haley! said...

Bleh! Those pics are sooo gross! So gross in fact, I think I actually smelt one of them while I was reading this post! :) haha

Melanie said...


My mom did that too much when I was a kid, as a result I can't leave anything in my fridge of unknown expiration.