Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I Love to See the Temple

As most of you know, Handsome Bryce and I are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, also known as Mormons. You are probably also at least aware of the temples that our church builds. I won't write in depth here about the ordinances and ceremonies that take place in the temple, but I can tell you about one thing that happened there last night. I passed out!

Yesterday was a really busy day, I was running around so much that I never got around to eating much. I had some yogurt and a granola bar before picking Bryce up and heading to the temple, but that's about all. (I also ate some frosting...) Anyways, that was my fault, I don't do well when I don't have enough food. Right in the middle of the ceremony I started to feel kind of woozy, then I couldn't see that well, (like when you come into the house after being outside in really bright light). I knew I was probably going to pass out then, but I couldn't think of how to say that to someone, things were so foggy. I also couldn't hear very well, it was like I was under water. Speaking of water, my hands and face started to sweat. Bryce alerted a temple worker to my plight. Who pushed the emergency button.

The temple is a beautiful peaceful place, run by volunteers. It is a place to learn and reflect on the nature of our life on Earth, and afterward. It is always clean and always orderly and reverent. I don't know what I thought they would do with a passed out person, maybe quietly escort them to a closed off place? Well, they don't do that, they lay you down right there in the aisle in front of everyone. (They do it quietly and modestly, it is the temple after all!) Then very very nice medical staff people talk to you reassuringly as you come to your senses. Coming to your senses is nice, because it is highly unpleasant to be surrounded by green static. Coming to your senses is not nice, because then you realize you are laying on the floor in the middle of the temple with everyone peering at you. They do give you a drink of water and tissues though, that is nice.

Afterward I told them I felt better and that I could probably finish the session, and I did. Even with the passing out problem, it was lovely to be in the temple with my husband, and with all of my brothers and sisters who were so thoughtful.

For some reason I thought that after the incident people would not be able to remember what I looked like, everyone wears the same clothes in the temple, maybe I could blend in, right? Nope, everyone knew who I was, but everyone was really nice. I am especially grateful to one sister in the dressing room, who told me that they recently changed the cushions on the altars and people have been passing out "like crazy". That made me feel like not such a pansy-pants.

If anyone has any questions about the temple I would be happy to answer them. This is a link to frequently asked questions about the temple too. The video above also answers questions, and shows images of the outside and inside of temples. It came from this page which also has information.

The moral of this story is: Try not to pass out, but if you do, the temple is not such a bad place to do it.


Steffy said...

Sorry you passed out! I'm glad everybody took care of you!

Haley! said...

This is funny! If you are going to faint somewhere the best place is the temple! :)

Melanie said...

We were just there last saturday doing sealing and a lady passed out. The workers were completely unfazed. They said it happens all the time!