Thursday, October 21, 2010

Letter for Movie Folk

Dear people who make movies. I would like to ask you to please start making more movies that I like, and less movies that I hate. I will give you a couple of guidelines to help you. For today, please examine your movies-in-progress, and remove any of the following things that may be in them:

There are a few other things that will ruin your movie, but these are the main ones. Tomorrow we will go over things that are good to put in movies. Thanks!


Haley! said...

Hahaha Nicholas cage... :) haha!

M. McEwen said...

ESPECIALLY don't let Nicolas out of his Cage again anytime soon! 99.275% of all hand puppets (including any old sock) have a broader repertoire of reactions and facial expressions. I suspect he IS a covenant alien scum, incapable of authentic human interaction.

The Lucky One said...

I hate Nicholas Cage too. Who is the CRAZY who let him onto the silver screen? Were they high? I'm glad to see that we know about each other's blogs now...yours has me laughing out loud!