Friday, October 01, 2010

Raquel Returns

Yesterday I was at BYU to pick up Bryce. Whilst walking through the Wilkinson Center I stumbled upon this:Yes, it is a sign that says "Hot Date" with an arrow pointing at a trash can. I think it is there so people can take pictures of themselves next to it and send them as a hint to their friends, but when no one is standing next to it besides the trash can? Hilarious!

Sadly I was the only one around who seemed to think this was super funny. This would not do, so I decided to remedy the situation.
Bryce and I made doppelgangers of ourselves a few years back, using guidelines from artist Mark Jenkins. We named them "Byrce and Raquel". I knew this was the perfect job for Raquel, so I got some supplies.
First I made a layer of plastic wrap.
Then a layer of tape. (The plastic wrap is to stop the tape from sticking to me.) Handsome Bryce had to help with the tape because I started to become unflexible under the layers of tape. We used about 100 yards leaving just a tiny bit on the roll. Seriously, you cannot have too much tape for this project.
Next Handsome Bryce cut me out of my new pants. Maybe you are planning to do this and you have some idea about just wriggling out of the tape and plastic wrap, lose that idea. It cannot happen, you need a friend to cut you out! We opted for a long seam down either side of me.
Ta da! freedom! This part feels really good because it is really oppressive to be wrapped in plastic. Consider this before you get any ideas about doing a full body dummy (but don't let it deter you, full body dummies are hilarious too).
Next you stuff the inside of the tape body with whatever you have around. I used a bunch of old grocery bags and a little bit of foam. Consider the weight of the clothes your friend is going to wear. Heavier clothes merit more sturdy stuffing.
After you stuff the form use the left-over tape to close all the seams. This is a good time to get a good look at how big your backside really is.
Now it's time for clothes. I put Raquel in some old tights, shoes and a skirt that all missed their trip to DI. The flash makes her tights more transparent, her plastic legs were not really visible in the end.
This morning I placed her so that no one could miss the hilarity of that poster:
Ok, some people still walked right past her, but today considerably more people were cracking up in this hall.
I took video with my super secret spy camera. (Ok not 100% secret, but no one noticed.) I will put that up later when I edit out all the empty hallway parts.

Did anyone notice that the tape I got says "HD" on it? Really? What is it with people who make tangible non-digital products calling them HD? High Definition suggests that the thing you are viewing is a more detailed life-like representation! It just doesn't make sense to say a real thing is HD!! Ok, rant over. For now!


J.D. Sheppard said...

I hate to use this expression but if there was ever a time that it was warranted the time is now! OTFLMAO. That was great.

Sara said...


Clairice said...

AHAHAHA!!! I love this! :D I should make a full body model and name it CLAIRIC!! hahaha

Haley! said...

OH my gosh!!!!!! This is soooooo FUNNY!!!!!!! HAHAHAHA, I love it!!!!!!!! I might use this newfound knowledge to my advantage.... :)

Alan said...

Don't know... HD just may mean "Heavy Duty", but looking at it, I think the tape appears more clear and lifelike than non-HD (SD) tape. ;)